Installing Ansible Tower

Download the latest release

curl -k -O

Extract the Tarball

gunzip ansible-tower-setup-latest.tar.gz
tar xvf ansible-tower-setup-latest.tar

Ansible Tower gets installed with an Ansible playbook. You will need to configure the inventory file with the hostnames or IP addresses of the servers in the cluster. In the example I will be using one server and defining it as localhost. In the case you want to have multiple nodes in the cluster you define them under the [tower] section and if you want a separate Postgres database, you can define that hostname or IP under the [database] section.

cd ansible-tower-setup-3.5.0-1
vi inventory
localhost ansible_connection=local






# Isolated Tower nodes automatically generate an RSA key for authentication;
# To disable this behavior, set this value to false
# isolated_key_generation=true

Run the script


Check if the Tower GUI is reachable in your browser

http:// <Ansible Tower IP or Hostname>

Stay tuned for more blogs

TheNetwork.Engineer - June 23 2019 - Colin McCarthy

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